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4 Cycle Blower

Model: #RY09466A | Home Depot Sku #: 170890

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The RYOBI 4 Cycle Blower combines power and performance with a lightweight low-emission design. No need to worry about proper gas and oil ratios with the 4 cycle unit, keep both separate to make your yard work easier. This gas blower is ideal for clearing wet or dry leaves, grass clippings, and small debris. Backed by a RYOBI 3 year warranty, the RYOBI 4 Cycle Blower will make your clearing jobs a breeze.

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No Mixing of Gas and Oil

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Powerful, low emission 4 Cycle engine

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155 MPH / 400 CFM

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Throttle with cruise control for convenient operation

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Anti-vibration helps reduce user fatigue

  • Engine: 30cc 4 Stroke Low Emission Engine
  • Air Velocity: 155 mph & 400CFM
  • Trigger: Variable Speed Throttle
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs.
  • Blower
  • Upper Blower Tube
  • Sweeper Nozzle
  • 4 Cycle Engine Lubricant
  • Funnel
  • Operator’s Manual

How do I add engine lubricant to my RYOBI 4 Cycle Unit?

NOTE: Check lubricant level before each use. For best performance, engine lubricant should be changed after every 25 hours of operation.

  • Unscrew the oil cap/dipstick and remove from your unit.
  • Using a funnel (one was provided), add engine lubricant through oil fill hole; fill.
  • Reinstall the oil cap/dipstick and secure.

How do I check my engine lubricant level on my RYOBI 4 Cycle unit?

  • Ensure your unit has been turned off.
  • Unscrew the oil cap/dipstick and remove.
  • Wipe dipstick clean and re-seat in hole; do not rethread.
  • Remove dipstick again and check the lubricant level. Lubricant level should fall within the hatched area on the dipstick.
  • If level is low, add engine lubricant until the fluid level rises to the upper portion of the hatched area on the dipstick.
  • Replace and secure the oil cap/dipstick.

How do I use cruise control on the blower? (RY09466)

  • Pull cruise control lever back towards yourself, and stop at the desired throttle setting
  • To release the cruise control, push cruise control lever all the way towards the front of unit

How do I clean the air filter on the blower? (RY09466)

  • Remove the air filter cover by turning the dial counter clockwise while gently pulling on the cover
  • Rinse filter with clean water and gently squeeze filter until excess water is removed
  • Replace filter and then place the air filter cover back on the unit
  • Turn dial clock¬wise until cover is secure

How do I fill the tank on the blower? (RY09466)

WARNING: Gasoline and its vapors are highly flammable and explosive. To prevent serious personal injury and property damage, handle it with care. Keep away from ignition sources and open flames, handle outdoors only, do not smoke, and wipe up spills immediately

  • Clean the surface around the fuel cap to prevent contamination
  • Loosen the fuel cap slowly by turning counterclock-wise
  • Pour the fuel carefully into the tank and clean and inspect the fuel cap gasket before replacing the fuel cap
  • Replace the fuel cap and tighten it by turning it clock-wise
  • Wipe spilled fuel from the product and move at least 30 ft. away from refueling area before starting the product

NOTE: It is normal for smoke to be emitted from a new engine during first use.

WARNING: Always shut off engine before fueling. Never add fuel to a machine with a running or hot engine. Move at least 30 ft. from refueling site before starting engine. Do not smoke and stay away from open flames and sparks. Failure to safely handle fuel could result in serious personal injury.

How do I restart the blower with a HOT ENGINE? (RY09466)

  • Set the choke lever to the RUN position and set the cruise control lever to IDLE
  • Do not squeeze the throttle to start a hot engine and pull the starter grip and rope until the engine runs

How do I start and stop the blower? (RY09466)


• Place the blower on a bare, flat surface and slowly press the primer bulb 10 times

After the 7th press, fuel should be visible in the primer bulb. If it is not, continue to press the primer until you see fuel in the bulb.
• Set the choke lever to the FULL CHOKE position and do not squeeze the throttle trigger
• Start the unit with the cruise control lever in the IDLE position. Pull the starter grip and rope sharply until engine attempts to run (no more than 4 pulls)
• Set the choke lever to the HALF CHOKE position
• Pull the starter grip and rope until the engine runs. Do not pull the starter grip and rope more than six (6) times

NOTE: If the engine does not start, return to the FULL CHOKE position and repeat the steps that follow.

• Allow the engine to run for 15 seconds, then set the choke lever to the RUN position


• To stop the engine, depress the STOP switch to the stop position “ ”.

How do I store the blower for longer than a month? (RY09466)

  • Drain all fuel from tank into a container approved for gasoline and then run engine until it stops

How do I store the blower? (RY09466)

  • First, clean all foreign material from the product and store the idle unit indoors in a dry, well-ventilated area that is inaccessible to children

Note: Keep away from corrosive agents such as garden chemicals and de-icing salts. Also, abide by all ISO and local regulations for the safe storage and handling of gasoline

30cc Blower - Model ry09466, ry09466a

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